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It happens to all of us.  You miss a call.  Didn't heatr it, had a lapse of concentration, turned the wrong way. And the square is suddenly a mess.

The answer, we all know, is to keep moving and keep smiling, look for the spot in the formation missing a dancer - and watch for the helping hand to guide you back into position.  Most times you flow back into the movements and the square keeps on dancing, hardly missing as beat.

But sometimes the square "breaks down".  Everyone is so out of position that there seems to be no ways to get back into the flow.  In such a case the fix is simple.  "Get In Lines".

It is one of the simplest moves in square dancing.  When the square breaks down, everyone quickly steps to one side position or the other and reaches out a hand to claim any available partner, lining up with facing lines, two couples in the #2 position and two couples in the #4 position.  You wait to hear the caller say "lines" then execute the next move.  When done right, it is incredibly fast, and the dancers are back dancing very quickly.

When it doesn't work, it is usually becaure of one of two things:

1.  People don't all line up at the side position.  Some go to the head, some to the side.  Then some switch to the other line - usually just as others are jumping their way.  While they are trying to create lines, the caller says "lines" and they have missed their opportunity to be back dancing.

2.  People try to execute the first call they can do from lines (such as "right and left through".) But, if the caller does not have the floor in lines, chances are you will come out of the call out of position, unable to execute the next move and again be broken down.

"Get in Lines" A quick and easy way to get your square dancing again - when done right.  Guaranteed to keep you moving and smiling.

A mess when you don't follow the simple rules.

Larry & Nancy Anderson

PSDA Co-Presidents

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