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05/08/2017 - The SDSDA has put together a monthly "Dancers Digest" which lists all the dances for the month covering the San Diego County Tri-Association.  There is a new "button" at the top of the front page of the website called "Dancers Digest" click on it and check it out.  Unloaded the bouncing picture on the front page due to dancers feeling it distracted them from viewing the webpage.

05/7/2017 - Updated "Prez Sez" news, updated "Blood Bank" Nooz, and updated flyers for dances for the following clubs/associations: San Diego Square Dance Association - 3rd Saturday Round-Ups, Alpine Squares, Whirlaways, Wranglers, Sandpipers, Palomar Square Dance Association - Class Level Dances, Ocean Wavers, Temecula Grape Stompers, and Square Dance Opportunities Around the World.

05/01/2017 - Updated rotating banner on the front page.  Updated picture on the front page for May.

04/23/2017 - Installed new (2017-2018) PSDA Executive Board with the following personnel: President: Larry & Nancy Anderson, Co-Vice Presidents: Myrna Baker & Carlene Combs, Secretary: Sheri Mankin, Treasurer: Monte Huston, Blood Bank Director: OPEN, Insurance Director: Veronica Davis, Promotions Director: Jerry Davis, and Past President: Phil LaBarbera.

04/21/2017 - Updated rotating banner on the front page.  Updated dances in the "Links" section.   Updated the front page to reflect that the WRANGLERS now have the "PSDA Traveling Lighthouse".  Updated "Classes" section with current class schedule information. 

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