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Learn to Square Dance

Classes starting soon

Need a refresher...Have you square danced previously?

Contact your nearest club...Most clubs welcome 'Angels' 

Square Dance clubs currently offering classes

New Plus class starts Sunday Jan 7, 2024


Sandpipers - Beginners class
Starts Tuesday, January 9, 2024
Contact Christine Kiffmann

Sandpipers - Discovery class
Open to new dancers -
Monthly, prior to club dance

Contact Christine

Flyer_Discover Modern Square Dancing 27Jan24-Rev24.jpg

Double SD's - Advanced class
Started Wednesday, Sept 6, 2023
Contact Jackie Jackson,
or Mary Sundberg 619.316.3651

Grape Stompers - Mainstream class
Started Tuesday, Oct 3, 2023
Contact Agnes Gaertner

Ocean Wavers - 
Contact Myrna Baker

Whirlaways - Beginners class 
Started Wednesday
, Sept 6, 2023
Contact Mary Sundberg 619.316.3651 

Wranglers - SSD lessons
Started Thursday, Sept 14, 2023
Contact Helen Bragg,

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