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Learn to Square Dance

Classes starting soon

Need a refresher...Have you square danced previously?

Contact your nearest club...Most clubs welcome 'Angels' 

Square Dance classes

Grape Stompers - Plus class
Starts Tuesday, July 2, 2024
Contact Agnes Gaertner

Grape Stompers - FREE intro to Sq Dance
Two nights,Tuesday, July 16 & Aug 27, 2024
Contact Agnes Gaertner

Grape Stompers - Beginning/Mainstream class
Starts Tuesday, Sept 10, 2024, first night FREE
Contact Agnes Gaertner

New classes starting

Sandpipers - Beginning/Mainstream class 
starts July 16, first night FREE
Contact Christine

Sandpipers - Plus class
starts July 16
Contact Christine

Sandpipers - Community square dancing
Open to new dancers 
Monthly, prior to club dance

Contact Christine

Whirlaways and DSD's classes will resume on  Wednesdays and be held in Vista for the month of July at:
North County Lifeline Community Center
200 Michigan Ave (at corner of Vista Village Dr)
Vista, CA


*Whirlaways - Wednesdays, started 4/10/24
Mainstream to Plus class
Contact Mary Sundberg 619.316.3651 

* Double SD's - Wednesdays, started 4/10/24
A1 to A2 class
Contact Gary & Ellie Kramer
or Mary Sundberg 619.316.3651

Wranglers - SSD lessons
Started Thursday, Mar 28, 2024
Contact Helen Bragg,

Wranglers - 
Currently offering
Summer special workshop/dance for those that have graduated class

Contact Helen Bragg,


Ocean Wavers - 
Beginner Class starting soon,

Contact Myrna Baker

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