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Donate today

We would like to thank all those that have volunteered, attended an event, donated to the Pink Ribbon Benefit or supported us in any other way this past year.  Thank you very much.
The Palomar Square Dance Association (PSDA) is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization (EIN: 95-3362708) and your donation is tax-deductible within the guidelines of the law.  The money received is used to further promote square dancing.  We provide a dance hall and instructors for class level dances to help improve new dancer's skills; We further their education by exposing them to National Level callers; We promote charitable causes and other special events while representing square and round dancing as a wholesome and enjoyable type of activity.
As a 501(c)(3), we can accept donations and you will receive a receipt to use for your tax return.  This is not in lieu of the donations given for dance attendance but in addition to.  If you are looking for a non-profit to donate to, please consider us. 

Checks made out to Palomar Square Dance Association may be mailed to:

Veronica Davis
1794 Coyote Crest
Fallbrook, CA 92028

Thank you for your continued support and friendship.

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