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Square Dance Festivals and Conventions

Why go to square Dance Festivals and Conventions?  They give you an opportunity to meet new people and to dance to lots of new callers and cuers that you might not otherwise get to experience.  Did you know that square dancing is called in English all over the world?  It is, so you can share this fun activity on your next vacation.  Sharing this activity with others who also enjoy it, is just plain fun.  

*** National Convention ***

Coming in June, 2024
Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Coming in August, 2024
Gatlinburg, TN

Coming in October, 2024
St. George, Utah

Coming in October, 2024
Portland, OR

*** Updated flyer ***
Coming in November, 2024
Bakersfield, CA


*** European Convention ***

Coming in July, 2024
Ikast, Denmark

Coming in August, 2024
Paris, TX

Coming in October, 2024
Big Bear Lake, CA

Coming in October, 2024
Yuba City, CA

Coming in May, 2025
San Diego, CA

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