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The Palomar Square Dance Association (PSDA) is a non-profit, tax exempt organization of Square and Round Dance Clubs located mostly in the Northern San Diego County of California.  The purpose of the organization is to promote, educate, and teach the general public the fun and joy of Modern Western Square Dancing and at the same time provide the current member clubs with special events, 5th Saturday dances and class level opportunities.  We invite you to browse the site and then come dance with us!

Spotlight photos


Sandpipers May Spring Flower dance with Phil Farmer and Bill Davenport


Sandpipers - New Members happy smiles

Grape Stompers at PSDA May New Dancer dance

Let's Dance! 

June Club Dances
June 17 - 30, 2024

Wranglers - Thursday, June 20, 2024
Free - Summer Solstice Dance

Wranglers - 3rd Friday, June 21
Rounds/Plus/SSD - see flyer for times

Sandpipers -  4th Saturday, June 22
NOTE:  June dance includes Potluck at 5:30;
Community square dance party, prior to club dance 
Updated Flyer: Showing donation amount

Sandpipers June flyer.JPG

PSDA New Dancer Dance - 4th Sunday, June 23 
Perfect for new grads and those almost completed with class.
(Dance is held In Rancho Bernardo)

PSDA - 5th Saturday, June 29
Change of venue - This dance only - St James;
Squares will be Plus level


Promenaders - Weekly
every Thursday afternoon

July Club Dances
July 1- 31, 2024

Ocean Wavers - 1st Friday, July 5
Floor level squares


Whirlaways - 2nd Saturday, July 13
Dance level will be alternating MS/Plus;

IMG_1642 (1).jpg

Dancing Shadows Rounds - 3rd Saturday 
DARK until Aug 17

Grape Stompers - 3rd Saturday, July 20
Dance level will be alternating MS/Plus;


Sandpipers -  4th Saturday, July 27
Community square dance,  prior to club dance; 

Flyer coming soon

PSDA New Dancer Dance - 4th Sunday
DARK until August 25 dance

Promenaders - Weekly
every Thursday afternoon

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