The Palomar Square Dance Association (PSDA) is a non-profit, tax exempt organization of Square and Round Dance clubs located mostly in Northern San Diego County, California.  The purpose of the PSDA is to promote, educate and teach the general public the fun and joy of Modern Western Square Dancing and at the same time provide the current member clubs with special events, 5th Saturday dances and class level opportunities.  Currently, the PSDA consists of eight affiliate clubs who regularly hold dances and provide new dancer lessons.  We invite you to browse the website and follow the links to our many upcoming activities.  Come dance with us!

You don't want to miss this dance - PSDA Anniversary Dance!

Ribbons on sale now!  Early bird special,

only $12.50/person throughout the month of January.  Available at club dances.

Starting January 2020 - Clubs have new dance schedules*


  • Ocean Wavers - 1st Fridays (same)

  • Double SD's - 1st & 3rd Saturdays (same)

  • Whirlaways - 2nd Saturdays only & location change (new)

  • Wranglers - 3rd Fridays (same)

  • Grape Stompers - 3rd Saturdays (same)

  • Sandpipers - 4th Fridays (new)

  • Promenaders - Every Thursday (same)

  • Dancing Shadows - TBD

*Occasionally, a club will have a different date or location come up. Please check the calendar, PSDA Connection email, or club websites for latest updates.

Please email any questions/corrections to


updated 1.11.2020

Palomar Square Dance Association (PSDA)



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