The Palomar Square Dance Association (PSDA) is a non-profit, tax exempt organization of Square and Round Dance clubs located mostly in Northern San Diego County, California.  The purpose of the PSDA is to promote, educate and teach the general public the fun and joy of Modern Western Square Dancing and at the same time provide the current member clubs with special events, 5th Saturday dances and class level opportunities.  Currently, the PSDA consists of eight affiliate clubs who regularly hold dances and provide new dancer lessons.  We invite you to browse the website and follow the links to our many upcoming activities.  Come dance with us!

March 2021


Hi Dancers,

A year ago this month, as square dancing and so many other things shut down due to COVID 19, who would have thought we’d still not be square dancing!  I know you all have missed it as much as I have.  I look forward to dancing in a square with each of you.


As the light at the end of the tunnel starts to shine brighter, our thoughts turn to plans of returning to square dancing.  This won’t be an easy endeavor.  Estimates are that of those dancing a year ago up to 50% may not return.  This will be for various reasons – those who have aged out, those who have found other interests and those who we have lost.  For those who do return, there will be a period of “re-learning” necessary.


As we all know, square dancing has been on the decline for many years.  Classes lasting nine months aimed at plus level are discouraging to students.  New dancers are just not joining our clubs in any significant numbers that will sustain this activity we all love.  We are at a pivotal point now.  Along with restarting square dancing, we have the opportunity to actually rebuild square dancing.  This will take radical change with commitment from all of us as clubs and as dancers.


There has been much discussion regarding Social Square Dancing (SSD) as the way to rebuild square dancing. Your club Presidents will be sharing more information with you.  I urge you to listen with an open mind so we don’t miss this opportunity to make a significant difference.  There’s lots of information out there and I urge you to educate yourself.    Check out the Caller Lab Knowledge Database at www.callerlab.org.  Search for SSD. There is also a Facebook group dedicated to the discussion of SSD:  Social Square Dancing. 


We can do this!   Take care until we are dancing together again!!


Sheri Mankin,

PSDA President


Looking forward to dancing again soon

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